Neilsen Marketeers

Neilsen Marketeers is a global digital marketing company with a difference. Our aim to to help educate our customers so that they can analyze their situation, and know what changes are required so they can dominate the internet.

We have one goal, explaining digital marketing to our customers, to make decisions easier for the business owner.

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The quality of Engagement

Wheather posting, commenting, tweeting or whatever .

you must write "the right content" to get results.

Our Features


We socialize with your audience, and captivate your market. We are right here to listen closely, consult and inform. We believe that complete transparency, open communication and constant.


We elegantly choose what you post & share. The smart selection is sincere social media consultancy. Get started with our services today and start growing your company tomorrow.


Time is money; your work is always delivered ON TIME. Our cost effective online marketing strategies achieve outcomes. From branding and layout to social media advertising and marketing.


Honesty is the best policy, therefore we sincerely tell you The Truth no matter how ugly it is. Our Sincere promise is to assist you with taking your business to the next level.

Our Services

Website Development

At Neilsen Marketeers, our website development services transcend the ordinary, creating digital masterpieces that embody your brand essence and captivate your audience.

Online Video Marketing

At Neilsen Marketeers, we redefine online video marketing, leveraging the dynamic potential of platforms like YouTube to captivate audiences and elevate your brand’s presence.

Reports & Market Researches

At Neilsen Marketeers, we redefine market research and statistical analysis, propelling your business forward with strategic insights and unparalleled data-driven strategies.

PPC Management

Unleash the full potential of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising with Neilsen Marketeers, where precision meets innovation to drive targeted traffic and boost your online visibility.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Unlock the full potential of your website’s visibility with Neilsen Marketeers, where we go beyond the ordinary to elevate your online presence.

Our Packages

Cost Effective SEO

Do you want your website to be found on the first page of all major search engines?Are you more interested in the free traffic that Google, Yahoo! & Bing offers?

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