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Neilsen Marketeers has the knowledge, experience and integrity to present your business online while converting internet users into real time potential clients.

Who We Are

Neilsen Marketeers is a digital marketing company with a difference. Our head office is based in Melbourne, Australia with expertise in major digital marketing services. Our aim to help educate our customer so that they can understand where they are sitting in the marketplace, and know what changes are required so they can dominate the internet. We have one goal, explaining digital marketing to our customers, to make decisions easier for the business owner.

For the past decade, speculations and misunderstanding of online marketing has spread, resulting in a lot of false concepts to consumers.

With over 15 years of combined experience through a world of knowledge in the online marketing industry, we have developed a new concept that will help you understand effective online marketing, maximize your return on investment, and converting internet users into real time potential clients.

We're a

Our Mission is to help educate our customers so that they can analyze their situation, and know what changes are required so they can dominate the internet.Our goal is to analyze how the business is performing digitally, and recommend the needed practices; so business owners would easily decide what needs to be done to enhance performance and digital marketing objectives.

Our vision is to enhance the Online Marketing and Advertising industry by using tools such as our Reports, which can be used by clients to take their business to the next level. Our Reports show the steps recommended to take (by Google) and show where you rank amongst your competitors.

About Our Services

Digital Marketing services at the most cost effective prices

Full Site Audit & Organic Traffic Reports Both our ‘Full Organic Search Report’ and our ‘Site Audit: Full Report’ are created exclusively for your website. It will show you, along with a detailed breakdown with no jargon, what areas your website is excelling at, and areas that need improvement. These reports are designed as a tool so you can see how well your current website is ranking, and improvements suggested by Google, to take you to the next level.
Search Engine Optimization SEO Our SEO packages include Neilsen Marketeers sweeping the internet for best search terms for your industry, so you can be found on all search engine platforms. We also run a full site analysis on your website to see which areas are working well, and what can be improved. Based on these results we then add links online of your website, which will assist you in showing up higher in search results and get more support from major platforms such as Google.
Google Search Advertising PPC PPC Ads, otherwise known as Pay Per Click Management is another fantastic way to be seen amongst your competitors. With over 1.2 million businesses advertising on Google, PPC Ads is a great solution to ensure you are seen online. Our PPC Ads packages include Neilsen Marketeers bidding on your Ads so that you appear as one of the Top 3 Ads on Google. We will also update your Ads as required, whether it be for a promotion or what your key message is.
Display Network Advertising REMARKETING Our Google Display Network Ads Management package is perfect for those who had clients on their website who didn’t get in touch. This package is designed to reconnect with them, by placing banners on relevant websites after they have exited your website. As soon as the client clicks on the ad, they will be transferred back to your website. We also can create and optimize video ads which will help your company generate thousands of views.

Our Process

Whether you have a new business that hasn’t done any advertising, or an existing business that wants to improve its presence online, our services and packages suit everyone.



Choose the most suitable packages and services then contact us for further details on sign up



Once the sign up is completed, we will start our online marketing research and build the optimal production plan



Execute the agreed plan and turn it into real measurable actions. Once the production is approved, the service will be activated right away



Start delivering the service while monitoring all related changes and insights. Once the monthly cycle is completed, all monthly reports will be sent automatically