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Understanding Display Network Ads & Remarketing (Digital Remarketing):

Remarketing is a marketing method that involves showing ads to people who’ve visited your website or used your mobile app. This strategy is a particularly cost-effective way to increase your sales conversions because you’re reaching out to customers who have already expressed interest in your products or services.

Customer visits a business product page, adds something to their shopping cart, and then leaves the website. Customer is then targeted with ads messaging this product through paid search and display.

This ad could be some sort of promotion to encourage the user to return and complete their purchase. The experience the user receives can be customized to feature only for the product visited, the special offer, or the benefit of purchasing from your service rather than a competitor.
With Neilsen Marketeers Digital Remarketing Service we help to encourage those lost conversions to come back, it is great for business owners because it has a lower cost per acquisition, so with the impression conversion rates, you are able to move through your sales cycle fast and for a much lower cost.
When someone comes across the website, the potential consumer’s initial experience may not be enough for him or her to make a decision. That’s where remarketing comes in. Spreading out across a variety of channels such as display, banner, or video ads.

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Our Digital Remarketing Services:

We help to encourage those lost conversions to visit your website and even come back again after leaving. It is great for business owners because it has a lower cost per acquisition, so with the impression conversion rates, you are able to move through your sales cycle fast and for a much lower cost.

How do we encourage visitors to visit your website?
We simply do this via the 3 main types of Ads Google offers:
Google Search Ads: Text Ads that appear on the normal search results page of Google.
Google Display Network Ads: Banners with different sizes that appear on Google Network websites which contains millions of websites.
YouTube Ads: Mainly video Ads. Like the video Ads that pop up at the beginning (or even during) the video you are trying to watch with the “Skip Ad” button which appears after 5 seconds from the Video Ad we are running.

When we manage any or all of the above types of Ads, it is called “PPC Management” since our client only “pay” when a visitor “clicks” on his Ad whether it’s a search Ad, Video Ad or a Banner Ad.
The fourth type of Ads is not really considered as a separate type of Ads since we cannot run it without one of the above (mostly used with the Google Display Network Ads), that is called “Google Remarketing Ads”. So technically, there are only 3 different types of Ads and the Remarketing (also aka retargeting) is only an “add-on”.

What type of Digital Remarketing services is important?

Search Ads: The basic and most recommended type of Ads for mostly everyone that is interested in generating traffic from Google. It service both Branding and Sales purposes.
Importance: For everyone.

Display Network Ads: Perfect for branding businesses and targeting mobile App users.
Importance: For medium & large businesses.

YouTube Ads: Strongly suggested for mid-to-large businesses when they have a special offer or urgent announcement. It is also great for branding purposes since the YouTube channel will have more subscribers and content. That means that there must be informational videos posted frequently on the channel in order to entertain the subscribers and not keep them only with pure sales ads or old announcements.
Importance: For medium & large businesses.

Remarketing Ads: It is highly recommended for clients that sell retail products or traveling packages. As mentioned, the Ads can follow the visitor for up to 30 days and it is a great reminder for the visitor to complete the action before “the offer expires” or so on.

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What is required to run Remarketing Ads?

1. Search Ads: We only need your business information and confirmation on the Keywords used in the Ads accounts which we will create and present to you before activation.
2. Display Network Ads: Display Network Ads use the following in one single Ad.
3. Text Ads: only requires experience in writing catchy Ads.
4. Static Banners: You will provide us with the artwork and we will create the text lines and activate the ads accordingly.
5. Animated Banners: These are mainly GIFs banners with the same available sizes as above. You will provide us with the artwork and we will create the text lines and activate the ads accordingly. For more details on the accepted Ads specs, please click here.
6. YouTube Ads: These are video ads that can be used at any duration with any content. However, it is well known that the best performing Ads are the ones that are 7 to 15 seconds long with clear loud message. View a sample here.
7. Remarketing Ads: Once again, this is not a unique type of Ad so there are no specs for this. However, in order to activate such Ads we require either your web developer’s email or simply full website access including FTP & Control Panel. For more details, please click here.


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Our Goals:


Doubling or tripling your presence on the internet


Increase website lead volumes.


Create a strong branding campaign for your company.


Creating avenues in which it is easy for clients who have left your website, to reconnect with you.


Create engaging video ads that can be used to connect with clients that can not only build brand awareness, but can also be used on multiple online platforms.

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