The New Way to Analyse Understand Filter your website's traffic

Do you know where your business ranks online against your competitors?! With over 1.2 million businesses advertising on Google, it is crucial to know where you sit in the marketplace.

Understanding a Full Organic Search Report:

With the constant changes taking place in the wide world of online marketing, it can be hard to stay ahead- but it doesn’t have to be. Gone are the days where you guess which areas your website is thriving in, and which areas, not so much. This detailed report includes items such as how your organic (unpaid) traffic is going compared to paid ads, an essential key element for any business owner, along with what areas of the world your business is targeting. You would be surprised- many reports we have completed shows companies that think they are only targeting Australia, are actually targeting in some cases 40% + other countries. That’s a lot of money that could be spent elsewhere.

Our report includes a no jargon, full summary of your Full Organic Search Report, so there are no grey areas. This report is designed for business owners who want to dominate the online marketplace, and show them according to Google, where exactly they stand in the marketplace amongst their competitors. For further report inclusions, please see below.

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How many keywords are indexed from your website?
Where are you listed under the top 100 keywords indexed?
Who are your main competitors online according to Google placements?
Top keywords- The most popular searched terms that customers are using to find your website.
Top competitors- Which websites Google sees as your top competitors, along with where your website ranks amongst them. This section is shown as both a list as well as a graph.
How many keywords (industry related words) are used on your website and how many people are expected to visit your website (as estimated by Google) based on current keywords.
How many keywords indexed and related to your domain name vs. how many are related to your industry.
No jargon summary- understand exactly what your report is saying with our easy to read summary

Help educate our customers so that they understand exactly where they are sitting in the marketplace. Information obtained from this report will help clients understand exactly what changes are required so they can dominate the online world of marketing.

Our report will assist the customer with decision making when it comes to online marketing Increase incoming website lead volumes- by using the data provided in this report and making changes (when required).

Gain an understanding of what areas your online marketing is exceeding in, and what areas could use a bit of improvement, eg. keywords, target audience, paid vs organic traffic results, etc. See where Google ranks your business amongst your competitors