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With constant changes occurring in the online marketing industry, there has never been a more important time than now to understand exactly where your website ranks among your competitors. This is where our Report services come in. Our reports are designed as a tool for the business owner so you can see how your website is ranking overall, as well as items for improvement, as suggested by Google, to take you to the next level.

At Neilsen Marketeers we have 3 Reports Packages to choose from:

Bronze Package: otherwise known as our ‘Basic Information’ which includes "Organic Traffic Research Report & Site Audit: Full Report along with website's loading speed check up" all in one package.

Silver Package: further known as our ‘Local’ since it includes the Bronze Package plus checking your local business listings & identify your major competition online.

Gold Package: In cases where you would like to see how users interact with your website, understand in more details and you would like to stay ahead of your competition; this package includes both Bronze & Sliver features along with Analytics Data on a monthly basis.

You can always customize your monthly package via our Platinum customized package.

Contact Us to customize a detailed reporting package tailored for your needs.

Data Included






Organic Traffic Research Report
Site Audit: Full Report
Website Loading Speed Check
Website contact form check -
Local Business Listing full details check -
Identify competitors -
Google Analytics Configuration -
Installation of Google Site Kit (WordPress only) -
Bounce Rate Monthly Check - -
List of "Exist Pages" Monthly Check - -
Traffic Source: Location Check - -
Traffic Souce: Device Check - -


*10% GST must be added to all prices

$399 AUD

One time fee

$499 AUD

One time fee

$599 AUD

minimum 3 months

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