When it comes to PPC Management Search Advertising Google Adwords

there is no such thing as ‘set and forget’. Each campaign is checked regularly so you can stay ahead of your competitors.

Understanding PPC Management:

Did you know that there are over 1.2 million businesses advertising on Google?

PPC Management, otherwise known as paid advertising, is where you pay to immediately be on the front page of Google. The way it works is your company has a selection of keywords (relevant to your business), and when a consumer searches that keyword, you appear as a paid ad on the first page of Google. PPC Management includes all the services from the right keyword selection, bidding as well as campaign analysis (to ensure results).

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Our PPC Management Services

Bidding on your ads so that you appear as one of the Top 3 Ads on Google.
Attract more prospects, grow your online presence and get your business name in front of people faster.
Optimize your ad campaign to achieve lower costs per click and increase the CTR (click-through ratio).
Effectively target specific areas and communities and/or open your business up to a global market.
Specify who receives your ads, based on everything including (but not limited to) demographics, and the times of day that potential clients are most likely to be searching your products/services.

Setting up Negative Keywords, eliminates paying for keywords relevant to your business, thus saving cost.
Setting up target audience, don’t pay for age brackets that are not relevant to your business
Control your ad spend by setting up budgets.
Reach to your mobile audience.
Daily attention for your campaign.
Pick country you would like to target, eg. Australia only, don’t waste money on global targeting.
Pick state you would like to target (if relevant). eg. Vic, NSW, QLD, etc.
Pick region in your state (if relevant), in some cases for some businesses we can also only target a suburb if required.
Detailed reporting (analytics) of exactly how your campaign is performing.

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Our Goals:


Increasing your presence by showing up as one of the Top 3 Ads on Google


Increase incoming website leads

Real Sales

Gain new clients through paid advertising

Monitor & Enhance

Google AdWords is constantly evolving and we ensure that our clients are always leaps and bounds ahead of their competition by making sure we check their account on a regular basis.

Lower Costs

Keep track of the revenue spent on a daily basis on your campaign.

We specialize in Online Marketing services