Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

is an essential element for any company wanting a presence in the online world. With over 60% of web traffic coming from organic search results (unpaid advertising), it is essential to do everything you can to have a SEO friendly website.

At Neilsen Marketeers we believe each business is different, so why should your SEO be any different? We have 4 packages available, to suit companies of all sizes. Each package includes the same items (which can be found below), however our package options consist of websites with either 10 (Bronze), 20 (Silver) or 40 (Gold) different web pages. In cases where you have a macro business, contact us for a quote for our Custom Package (Platinum).

Each of our SEO Packages include the following:

Full website analysis:

We conduct a full report on your website to see which areas are working well, and which areas need a bit of work. This helps us determine which areas are the main priority of your website

Create list of search terms:

By sweeping the internet for the best search terms relevant to your industry, we are able to determine a list of keywords most searched by clients to find your company. We then work with these keywords on your website so that you can be found by clients on all search engine platforms

Google local business listing creation and optimization:

A listing made for your business that is located on the top of the search engine’s page. It includes a clickable map, phone number, company address, operating hours, website URL and links to your social media platforms. As well as being SEO friendly, customers will find it easy to get in touch

Content enhancement on optimized pages:

Determining on which package you select (as to how many pages), we will then work on the quantity of pages for content enhancement. These are your main pages that you want clients to find when they conduct a search via a search engine platform (eg. Google, Yahoo, etc.)

Content/Files Uploading:

Uploading any missing content/files required for your website. This will help your website get recognized by all search platforms

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10x Website Pages

  • Recommended for Small Business whose website have 10 pages or less
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20x Website Pages

  • Recommended for medium businesses whose website have 20 pages or less
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40x Website Pages

  • Recommended for large businesses whose website have 40 pages or less
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  • This package is ideal for macro businesses that have over 40 website pages

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