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Search Engine Optimization is an essential element for any company wanting a presence in the online world. With over 60% of web traffic coming from organic search results (unpaid advertising), it is essential to do everything you can to have a SEO friendly website.

At Neilsen Marketeers we believe each business is different, so why should your SEO be any different? We have 3 packages available, to suit companies of all sizes. In cases where you have a macro business, contact us for a quote for our Custom Package (Platinum).

Each of our SEO Packages include the following:

Full website analysis:
We conduct a full report on your website to see which areas are working well, and which areas need a bit of work. This helps us determine which areas are the main priority of your website.
Content enhancement:
Determining on which package you select (as to how many pages), we will then work on the quantity of pages for content enhancement. These are your main pages that you want clients to find when they conduct a search via a search engine platform (eg. Google, Yahoo, etc.)

SEO is like Chess. Not only you have to have a winning strategy, but you also must understand your strenghts, weaknesses & opponents.

Data Included






Setup Tasks Up to 10 Terms Up to 20 Terms Up to 40 Terms
Google Webmaster Tools configuration
Google Analytics configuration
Search Keywords & Search Terms research
Site maps creation & modifications
Meta tags creation
Meta tags installation
Google Tag Manager & Optimize confirguration -
Installation of Google Site Kit (WordPress only) -
SEO Tasks
Google Webmaster tools errors check Monthly Monthly Monthly
Fixing Website Errors Monthly Monthly Monthly
Search Engines Submissions Monthly Monthly Weekly
SEO Main Keywords research Quarterly Quarterly Monthly
Consultation Meeting with Client Monthly Monthly Weekly
Customers reviews & replies - Quarterly Monthly
Listings posts & management - Quarterly Monthly
Blog Creation - Quarterly Monthly
Website Content Enhancement - Quarterly Monthly
Identify competitors - - Quarterly
Identify competition areas (PPC, SEO, Social Media…etc) - - Quarterly
Competitors website layout check - - Quarterly
Analyse competitors website data - - Quarterly
Competitors SEO placements check - - Quarterly
Reports Tasks
Bounce Rate check Monthly Monthly Weekly
Loading Speed check Monthly Monthly Weekly
Organic Traffic Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Site Audit Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Search Console Performance Report Monthly Monthly Monthly
Local business listing full details check Once Quarterly Quarterly
Website contact form check Once Once Quarterly
List of "Exist Pages" (100% bounce rate) - Monthly Monthly
Traffic Source: Location Report - Monthly Monthly
Traffic Souce: Device Report - Monthly Monthly


*10% GST must be added to all prices

$499 AUD

Plus $399 SUD Setup Fees

$999 AUD

Plus $599 SUD Setup Fees

$1,599 AUD

Plus $999 SUD Setup Fees

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