PPC Management

Paying to be immediately on the front page of Google search engine results pages, whenever someone types in the keywords you choose is one component of our approach to attracting new business online. PPC management includes all the services right from the keywords selection, bidding, till the campaign analysis.

Our Google AdWords consultants can help you

  • Attract more prospects, grow your online presence, and get your business name in front of more people faster.
  • Optimize your ad campaign to achieve lower costs per click and increase the CTR (click-through ratio)
  • Effectively target specific areas and communities and/or open your business up to a global market.
  • Specify who receives your ads, based on everything from demographics to the times of day that they’re most likely to be searching for your products or services.
  • Control your ad spend by setting up the budgets
  • Reach to your mobile audience
When it comes to using our PPC management services there is no such thing called “set it and forget it”. Every account we manage gets daily attention to constantly improve your ROI. Google Adwords is constantly evolving and our team has to be always up-to-date to ensure our clients are always leaps and miles ahead of their competition. It is our passion to see our customers grow their business and do so in an impressive fashion. Neilsen Marketeers has proven to be a great success achiever when it comes to advertising the products and services of clients with extensive Pay Per Click Management campaigns. With us you can experience a great control over your online market and keep a track on the revenue spent on day to day basis.

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