The New Way to Analyse Understand Filter your website's structure

Do you know where your business ranks online against your competitors?! With over 1.2 million businesses advertising on Google, it is crucial to know where you sit in the marketplace.

Understanding a Site Audit: Full Report service:

With constant changes occurring in the world of online marketing it can sometimes be difficult to understand what areas of your website can be improved. This is where our Site Audit: Full Report can assist.
This report is designed to generate a report, exclusively on your website, and shows how well your current website is ranking according to Google, and what areas Google recommends you work on to take your website to the next level.
This detailed report includes a summary of how many pages on your website are excellent, how many have issues and how many, if any, are not working at all.

This report is a fantastic starting point for optimizing your website. The better the results, the better Google will reward you by showing your website higher in search results for organic traffic (unpaid ads).
For further report inclusions, please see below..

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Full breakdown of which web pages have issues, pages that don’t work at all (if any).
List of how many pages have warnings- these are not issues at the moment but it may affect your placements soon.
List of website errors (if any). This includes the name of the error, how many times this error occurs, and most importantly, where exactly to find it.
List of website warnings (if any). Warnings include the name of the warning, how many cases this warning has occurred as well as where to find it.
List of website notices (if any). Like with warnings, these are not as urgent to fix to the moment, but should be fixed in the near future as results will over time determine where you sit in search results. (The more issues with the website, the lower you will appear).
Duplicated title tags- A detailed list will appear in this section with a copy of every duplicate title tag that appears on your website.
Duplicated content- Or any content related errors, warnings or notices including a full description of the issue and where to find it.
No jargon summary- understand exactly what your report is saying with our easy to understand summary

Help educate our clients so they can see how their website is going overall. See what pages on your website need work (if any) and what improvements Google recommends to go that one step further.

Stay ahead of your competitors by having an SEO friendly website.

Our report will assist the client with decision making when it comes to online marketing.

Appear higher in Google search results. The better your website is (in terms of SEO and readability,) the better the reward.

Increase incoming website leads- use the data provided in this report and make changes (as necessary) to be one step higher than your competitors.

Gain a deeper understanding of what areas your website is exceeding, and what areas can be improved, which will lead to more inquiries.